Using Technology To Establish Malpractice During Childbirth

At The Talaska Law Firm, modern technology is a fundamental tool used in winning birth injury cases. We remain at the cutting edge of technology, continuing our use of new technologies that help us stay well-organized and competitive with other firms in Texas and across the country.

The Cutting Edge Of Case Management Technology

Throughout the entire legal process, from the initial phone call to final paperwork, we use a variety of medical malpractice-specific technologies such as:

  • Needles software — Customized case management software that incorporates all necessary deadlines, requirements, evidence-gathering tools and an information database for the practice. The Needles software engineer designed the program to fulfill our firm's needs, based on the input of Mr. Talaska and his secretary of over 20 years.
  • Visionary software Specific case software used as a pretrial and trial evidence databank for presentation of evidence before juries. Through the click of a button, this software enables use of videos, audio, deposition as well as medical literature and other necessary documents. Application of visionary technology helps the jury to grasp the points of a case through a persuasive presentation of evidence for any setting, available at the touch of a finger.
  • Case-specific computer animation — Based on medical evidence and other facts vital for a case, the animated presentation helps a jury to visualize and understand complex medical systems and issues.

Through these software systems, The Talaska Law Firm scans and electronically files documents. State-of-the-art programs enable our firm to effectively litigate cases and recover compensation on our clients' behalf.

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