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When preventable birth trauma leads to cerebral palsy

Just the natural yet traumatic process of being born can lead to health problems or even injuries in newborn babies. When the medical team responds appropriately, many of these conditions resolve safely and quickly. However, an improper medical response to trauma or even a mistake on the part of the birthing team could result in lifelong consequences for the infant.

Cerebral palsy caused by birth trauma is one such condition that has a lasting effect on a newborn baby. Any number of complications can lead to palsy, but when it occurs because of medical malpractice, it is especially devastating for families. In some cases, malpractice may occur not because of what medical professionals do but because of what they do not do.

If a medical emergency develops during birth, it is up to the team to respond. If they fail to do so, cerebral palsy caused by birth trauma may occur. Occasionally, we have seen cases in Texas in which the doctor responds properly to an emergency, but palsy occurs anyway. While this is tragic, it might not indicate wrongdoing by health care professionals. It is when care providers make the wrong response or take no action that it becomes malpractice.

For example, if umbilical cord complications occur during labor and delivery, it could prevent oxygen flow to the infant's brain. If left unaddressed, this condition could certainly result in cerebral palsy. Medical providers receive training that allows them to respond quickly to such a situation, which can drastically reduce the odds of the newborn developing palsy.

The main takeaway here is to pursue assistance if your newborn develops cerebral palsy caused by birth trauma. Uncovering the true cause of the condition means you can take legal action. In turn, this can provide you with enough financial compensation to ensure your child receives the medical attention needed to live a full life. You can learn more about your legal options on the pages of our website.

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